CNX Sector Ratings

Note: The table below shows our ratings on the main CNX sectors on a Relative Strength basis. A negative rating does not mean a down trend in the price index, but merely underperformance versus the broader benchmark.

The rating is subjective and based on various factors, among which is trend analysis.

Last update/check: 21 September 2017

Sector IndexRS versus NSE NiftyLast changed date
CNX Autoneutral (←)February 2015
CNX Commoditiespositive (↑)September 2017
CNX Energypositive (↑)September 2017
CNX Financepositive (↑)September 2017
CNX FMCGneutral (←)May 2016
CNX Infraneutral (←)December 2015
CNX ITnegative (↓) May 2016
CNX Medianegative (↓)September 2017
CNX Metalpositive (↑)July 2016
CNX Pharmanegative (↓)May 2016
CNX PSU Banknegative (↓)May 2015
CNX Realtypositive (↑)March 2017
CNX Servicesneutral (←)May 2015